Talk about a person you like very much

What is the name of the person?

When did you meet for the first time?

What do you do together?

Why do you like him/her?


Part2 DEMO 1

Well, in everyone’s life there is someone, with whom u like to spend most of your time. here, I would like to talk about one of best my friends.

The name of my friend is Jaspreet Sharma. He is 20 years. He is older than me. He is very good at academics and sports. He is a class topper and captain of our cricket team. I like to spend my leisure time with him. We are very close, we can easily discuss our daily problems.

Whenever I need any type of help such as financial or luxurious things, he provides me things without any hesitation, because he is a very kind and generous man. I meet on the first day of my school. From the first day to till now… He is my best friend. Together we do a lot of activities such as plays cricket and football in the village stadiums and whenever we feel boring me and my friend plan a picnic near the park.

At the picnic, we enjoyed every moment as this is the last day of our life, we captured a lot of pics, so we can save these pictures for making a memorial album. I like him because he is a very good human being and he is very supportive.

How can the company benefit from this?
Are you happy when you are with him/her?
What should companies do to make their employees happy?
Is job satisfaction important?
Does it depend on anything?
What is the relationship between a high salary and happiness in the workplace?
Do you think happiness is a universal thing?
Do companies in your country do this?
Does he/she feel the same way about you?