Describe the job/ career you have or hope to have

what the job is

what is involves

why you would choose it


Part2 DEMO 1

It’s a childhood dream to become an internationally acclaimed writer and the job as an author is something I hope to have in the future. The job responsibilities of an author are rather casual. One is thy own master. It mainly involves collecting and writing the authentic facts and ideas that would be important for people. This is a great, exciting and noble profession. As a writer, the person has many responsibilities towards the mass people and towards the society.

She is a true soldier of the society whose responsibility is to represent the truth and help people break open from prejudices and create a better place to live. Time to time, she/he has to take many risks to keep certain ideas to public with can be treated with both applaud and criticism and it is then published for further evolution.

I like the idea of getting involved in a challenging job that will enable me to use my determination, creativity, integrity, honesty and curiosity to do something worthy and influential for the people and for the society. The career as a distinguished writer seems to me the perfect opportunity to fulfil my vision, aspiration and goodwill to serve the ordinary people of the society and to leave an ever lasting impression.

The challenges, excitement, the commitments, opportunity and the thought of doing and exploring something new everyday are the main reasons I am interested in having my career in the field of literature. The job of a writer also demands the person to travel a lot and take lots of challenges and I have great passion for both of these two things. I look forward to making a career in this field of interest and prove as a worthy example.


Part2 DEMO 2

I have recently finished my graduation majoring Computer Science and would like to work as a computer programmer in a reputed software company. I have learned few programming languages in my academic years and hope to work as a programmer and want to contribute making some great software as every programmer wants

The job involves writing programming codes to make the required software. For that, a programmer must have good coding experience and need to understand the requirement of the software. From retail shop to the nuclear research centre, everywhere computer software is used and I want to work for a company that makes software for large scale clients. The programmer has to make sure that the software runs without any bug and is time and cost efficient. They also need to be a good team member; as bigger software are made by a team of people rather than an individual programmer

I chose it mostly because of my education and interest. Since I have studied in Computer Science, naturally I would want to work something that relates to my education and skill. Secondly, I have a passion for writing software codes. I have already made some small utility and web-based software while I had been in my university. Now I want to create some larger-scale software that would help me gain valuable experiences. Someone should work in an industry that relates to his/ her skill set and synchronises to his/ her interests. The software programmer’s job perfectly suits my interests and academic experience. Furthermore, the prospect of this job is very demanding and a good programmer earns more than employees of many other industries. I am sure I will enjoy working as a programmer than anything else and that’s why I want to work as a programmer

Which is better – following your passion or going along with normality ?

According to me, one should always follow their passion. One who does this is likely to succeed and develop a great sense of self achievement. Doing something different is what brings innovation and in turn develops the society.

On what basis does one look for a suitable job?

While searching for a job, one considers lot of options. One generally looks for a good pay scale, suitable work environment, good staff and definitely an understanding boss.

What are the most popular career options according to you in the modern times?

The modern times are obsessed with the idea of more money, bigger house, more things to show off and that has in turned shaped the career choices people take. The engineering and doctor field of study seems to be pretty popular in recent times while subjects like art and humanity are looked as inferior.