Describe an unexpected gift you once received

when it was

what gift item it was

what occasion it was

and explain how you felt about receiving this gift.




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Part2 DEMO 1

Thank you a lot for this excellent topic and the time you have allowed me to talk about an unexpected gift that I have once received. Well, I'll share the story with you now.

I usually like to shop in a supermarket or a large mall if it is not too much crowded. But waiting in the queue to checkout is something I like a lot less. So, a few weeks ago, when I was waiting in a long line at a super shop's checkout point, I wasn't naturally happy or excited! However, I was waiting patiently for almost 25 minutes, and when my turn came, there was some delay which I was very confused about. In a few minutes, the manager of the store came to me to congratulate me on winning a gift!

It was an utter surprise for me as I was not even remotely expecting an announcement to win a gift. The manager informed me that as their one-millionth customer, I had won a nice coffee maker- a far better gift than I could think of!

A group of officials came forward with the coffee maker, and I was still dumbfounded. It took me a while to actually believe it. "You are a lucky customer or a visitor and won a gift" - is usually a phrase I treat as spam, or an intention to scam someone. But this time it was real, and I was equally delighted and inspired to win a really nice and expensive-looking coffee maker.