Describe a challenging profession you know about

what profession it is

what challenges it involves

if you want to be in this profession

and explain why this is a challenging profession.




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Umpiring in cricket is one of the most challenging professions I have ever known. In fact, this is one of the toughest professions I have come across in my life. Thank you for such a nice topic, and here I will describe how being an umpire in cricket is so tough and challenging.

Umpires are usually ex-cricketers or experts in this sport who are responsible for making important decisions throughout the competition and their decisions make the game fair and enjoyable. It is such a challenging profession because it demands extensive knowledge of cricket, adherence to guidelines imposed by ICC, the governing body of international cricket, utmost patience, nonchalant attitude and unaltered precision. There is hardly any scope for distractions or mistakes as a single mistake can make an umpire a villain or subject to criticism to millions of people in just a few seconds! Moreover, they need to keep their focus on everything and that makes things more challenging. The umpire is also responsible for looking after the stepping of the bowlers which requires sharp eyes. Declaring a batsman out is another challenging task for them.

To be frank, I am not eligible for the position of a professional umpire in cricket. This is an intricate job, and I lack the skills and expertise that are required to be an umpire. Even though I have played some cricket in my locality, I have never been a player in professional cricket. So, this is not a profession for me.

I have already given some reasons why becoming an umpire and being successful in it is so hard. I will give a few more reasons why this is one of the most difficult professions I know about. First, umpiring is a challenging profession because they need to decide everything in no time. There is no scope for taking some time and then making a decision. It had to be instantaneous and of course correct as there is no scope for an error. A few mistakes can ruin their whole career. Moreover, this is not a career where people can come with some basic training or skills. It takes years of experience, keen eyes, great mental faculty and sound knowledge of cricket to become an umpire.


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Umpiring in cricket is one of the most challenging profession I have ever known. In fact, this is one of the toughest profession I have ever seen in my life. Thank you for such a smart question and here are the answers

Umpires are those people who are set to play the role of referee in sports, particularly in cricket. The man who stands behind the wicket with a distance wearing hat is known as the umpire of the game. He is responsible to run the game smoothly and provide important decisions like responding to the appeal of out, declaring the end of a bowling over, declaring the extra runs and more other issues. This is a challenging profession indeed as the umpire needs to remain aware of everything during the play. But this is a prestigious profession as well. The umpires are respected everywhere and have access to places where the ordinary people cannot even think of

The most important challenge is focusing. The umpires need to be focused on some specific issues during the game. Firstly, they need to focus on the bowling of the bowlers. If they are delivering the balls in the right and prescribed manner. If there are any mismatch with the bowling pattern and the prescribed process, the umpire declares accordingly. Besides, the umpire is also responsible for looking after the stepping of the bowlers. On the other sides, the umpire takes a sharp look at the batsmen. Sometimes they need to have a focused look on the stepping of the batsmen as well. Declaring an out is another challenging task for them. If there is any mistake in the declaration of an ‘out’, it may ruin the career of a batsman. Besides, if there is a wrong decision, the umpire is brought under scanner if he is biased by any means of not

To be frank, I am not eligible for the profession of a professional umpire. This is a tough job. I lack the skills and expertise required for the decision making. Moreover, I do not have so much focusing ability. The umpires have to stand on their legs till the cricket match continues. So, it is another disability of mine that I am unable to stand for long hours and without any external support. The umpires have to decide carefully about the decisions of out and not out. Sometimes, a wrong decision may bring negative criticism which is unbearable to me. Besides, I do not have the sharp eyesight. The umpires often provide the decision of LBW and they do not need to see the entire bowling and foot placement on screen repeatedly. They see it once and give a decision which is accurate in most of the cases. But I am unable to do any of those. So, this is not the profession for me

Umpiring is a challenging profession in many aspects. When an umpire is on the playground, he needs to be careful about some certain matters. He needs to know all the available rules of cricket. He needs to take an instant decision. Besides, if he makes any mistake, it is he who is to be responsible for. Rewards and resources are limited but they need to provide the best performance. When they fail to take any decision, they need to consult with the third umpire for accuracy or decide any unresolved or pending decision. In a word, they are to take unbearable physical and mental pressure when they are on the ground. Therefore, I think this is a challenging profession indeed