Describe a day you stayed home all day

when it was

why you didn’t go outside

what you did at home

and explain how you felt about it




Part2 DEMO 1



Part2 DEMO 1

Staying at home is not an easy task. In fact, this is one of the toughest tasks so far I have encountered. The similar thing happened to me in the last week of December. I got stuck at home for the excessive snowfall

Currently, I live in Montreal, Canada though my origin is in Columbia and my family lives there. I am an undergraduate student and execute the expenses by working at a local computer selling and servicing shop as a part-timer. Working as a part-time sales executive, I have to maintain a notable number of responsibilities. I have to attend office almost every day but it was the morning of the day after the Christmas Day when I had to stay at home all the day. This was the beginning of the week. But I could manage to attend neither my office nor my university class. I had a long tiring day on that date. Staying at home is really unpleasant if you do not have anything interesting to do

I could not go outside for a heavy snowfall. It snowed all around the city I live in. Though this is the time of snowing here, there was a sudden change in the weather pattern. It started to snow heavily. In fact, the snow started from the middle of the previous night and continued to fall heavily during the next day. So, it was hard to get out of the home. The snowfall was so heavy that the vehicles were not plying on the streets. Some of the parked private vehicles got jammed with the snow. Without removing the snows, it was impossible to move the cars from the parked spaces. Some snow ploughs started working to get rid of the snow but they could not move ahead for the heavy snowfall all around. They had to wait for the weather condition to be stabled. It was one of the greatest snowfall of the year. A good number of people like me had to stay at home and pass the boring moments

Usually, I do not stay at home for so long. Hence, there is no tool or equipment with me for my recreation except my laptop. But the laptop is also filled with the academic documents. So, I watched some video songs and tried to enjoy a movie. But none of them was enjoying to me. In fact, I was worried about the class and the work. An important class was scheduled on that day while the shop manager asked me to attend the shop early on the very day. So, it was an important day to me. But I had to stay at home. I informed the issue to my manager and a classmate. The shop manager was considerate and managed the issue while the thing was not similar in the university. The teacher came to take the class and took it with only three students who lived in the university dormitory

Staying at home is really uncomfortable when someone does not have any specific way to pass the moments. I got bored around the day. The feelings were irritating to me. my surrounding locality turned white. Some of the kids started playing with snow outside but I gave up the idea to move with them. Besides, there was none with me that I will have some chats. So, the entire day was ineffective for me. I also tried to focus on my studies, but could not do so. All the feelings were numb on this day. It was one of the roughest days of my life