Describe a particular event in which you were successful eg. an exam, sport event, etc.

what the situation was

when and where it happened

what preparation was involved in it

and explain how you felt about achieving this success




Part2 DEMO 1



Part2 DEMO 1

I succeeded to get the chance for admission at the University of Tokyo last year as an international student with a full bright scholarship, and it was a great achievement for me. In fact, I was the only member of my family in India who had the chance to move for a higher study in outside of the country. I applied in various universities and finally got the scope to be in this university. This is a nice cue card for me and I am in love with the questions. I will explain the event in brief and thank you for this nice topic

The beginning of the event was in India. After crossing my higher secondary examination, I was seeking the chance for a higher study abroad. Accordingly, I started seeking options suitable for me. And I got my desired subject in a couple of universities. I applied for the course in the universities but only a few of them replied to my query and finally, I was selected by the University of Tokyo as their undergraduate student. I applied from India and got admitted from the same place

Since I was an international student, the procedures were a bit relaxed for me. I did not have to appear in the admission exam. Rather, I applied with the required documents that the university authority wanted from me. I sent the scanned copy and they also made some investigations from their local agents

Honestly, it was a great success for me. I actually never expected that I would be able to get admitted to such a large university. All the other family members were also happy and they celebrated the event as well. In fact, my father was the happiest person in the family and prayed for my overall success. I also felt glad when everyone congratulated me