Describe a quiz program or game show on TV

What programme is it

How did you know about it

How is it organized

.and explain what do you think it is worth watching




Part2 DEMO 1



Part2 DEMO 1

So I’m going to talk about a quiz show called “Who is the millionaire?”. You should know what it’s like because the format is very popular all around the world

At the start of the show contestants are gathered and will have to answer a multiple choice question to decide who gets to be in the Hot seat. Naturally it’s the person who answers accurately within the shortest time

When a contestant is selected, he or she will proceed to sit in a chair in the centre and have the opportunity to answer in total 15 questions that get harder over time. For every answer that you get right, you’ll be awarded an amount of money. Apparently if you’re not sure about one particular question, you can always stop the game and go home with the money. But if you’re feeling adventurous you can just go with your instinct. And there’s always three “aids” you can use, for example you can call your friends for help, or choose to have half of the options eliminated

It’s great fun to watch and I assume also great fun to play! I don’t remember if anyone managed to pass all 15 questions but there must’ve been a few people