Describe a time when you got up early in the morning

when it happened

why you got up early

who you were with

.and explain how you felt about getting up early


Part2 DEMO 1

If I am going to say a few words about this topic, I remember when I was in the sophomore year I got up at 5:30 o‘clock in college in order to attend a voluntary activity in Guihuagang district. At that time I was the chairman of the Youth Voluntary Association, so I was responsible for arranging everything such as the time, and the number of volunteers and the stuff that needed to be taken to that district. 

At first I thought it was quite excited because helping other freshmen to get into the university can always give me a sense of purpose. But later after a day’s work, I felt really exhausted because all the time I was carrying a lot of baggage for the freshman and to take the package from the first floor to the seventh floor. And actually I was sweating all day but I still thought it was worthwhile just as I mentioned before. 

Because when I was in the freshman year I was also held by my school volunteers and I really appreciate that so I thought in the future if I could have this opportunity I would definitely choose to be a volunteer to help others. In the end I follow my heart to do that thing so I’m really proud of myself.


Part2 DEMO 2

The first thing I want to say is that I hardly ever get up early, so when I do it must be something important

So the nearest occasion when I had to be up early was last year when I took the IELTS test. It started at 8 in the morning so naturally I had to get up at 6. When I got out of the house it was still dark outside. It took me 20 minutes by motorbike to arrive at the hotel where the test was going to take place. Some other test takers had already come and were sitting inside the lounge, all looking quite drowsy and nervous

I found myself a seat and started taking out a book to read. I normally find it useless to cram right before a test so I just do something to relax. At 8 everyone was called into a large meeting room where the organisers would have a short presentation on the test process. We were all required to leave our personal belongings outside the exam room

Anyway, the test went well and I got the result I needed. I think I could’ve done better if I hadn’t been sleepy at the start of the test

Part2 DEMO 3

People generally follow a discipline in their lives regarding day to day activities. For instance, most of the people have their almost fixed schedule for waking, going to office and returning, evening walks or exercises and finally going to sleep at the end of the day. This routine, over a period of time, turns into an inseparable habit and one sticks to it necessarily. On the same pattern, we can generalize that youngsters usually have a habit of sleeping and waking up in the late hours and I am no exception here. Almost every night, I sleep around midnight hours and wake up around 8 in the morning. But, there was one-time period, which I can recall vividly, when I used to wake up at 3 am in the morning. It was, when I had a three-day stay with my parents in an Ashram in Hardwar.

Ashram had its own regulations and code of conduct. Whoever used to stay there, for spiritual reasons only, had had to attend the early morning rituals and needed to pay offerings to the fire god. Even though there was no punishment ascribed for the absence, but the spirituality factor itself was the primary motivation for my parents, who then enjoined me to be a part of the morning ceremony.

After waking up, we had to make up our beds first and then we needed to take ablution in cold Ganges water. Thereafter, we had to adorn the particular clothing provided by ashram and stand in the queue, waiting for our turn to sit around fire pits and pay offerings.

Well, since I was habituated to wake up late, therefore it was a painstaking task for me for the first two days. My father used to switch on the lights and started hymning bhajans which automatically made me awake, although with a little irritation. But, once I became the part of that community consciousness in the rituals and ceremonies, I used to feel a very pleasant divine feeling. Meditative practices and postures, followed afterwards, dispersed waves of tranquillity in those crimson lights of the early dawn. I, then felt the importance of the morning calm and woke up voluntarily on the third and final day.

What are the benefits of waking up early?

With less vehicular congestion and limited polluting avenues in the morning, it is beneficial to perform physical exercises in the early hours. Apart from that, morning hours give us ample of time to be prepared for the forthcoming events during the day time. We can utilize these extra hours to clear the backlogs, if any, and do the necessary arrangements for the day. It is also believed that morning study enables quick learning and better retention of the texts, therefore it is favourable time for students too.

Why do people wake up early?

Manyatimes, people wake up early to take up their personal chores in the morning hours. For instance, morning hours are considered suitable for exercises and religious prayers. Similarly, those who have to commute long distance to offices, also wake up early to reach on time.

Why do children and youngsters generally wake up late?

Lack of responsibility and absence of active job are the crucial reasons due to which youngsters spend a lot of time on entertainment and other activities in the night. Also, it is a common trend, nowadays, for the students to study late in the night and wake up early. Although, those who are involved in the sports activities possess the habit of waking up early.