Describe a friend/person who is a good leader

Who this person is?

How you know this person?

What he does?

How this person behaves?

Why do you think he is a good leader?




Part2 DEMO 1



Part2 DEMO 1

Introduction :

  • Leadership is a quality which is challenging to master. 
  • Numerous people possess a good skill set, but when it is about leading people, they fail miserably.
  • That’s why good leaders are rare to find.
  • Different people have a different style of managing people.

Who this person is?, and How you know this person?

  • I have had the blessing of working under the aegis of many leaders.
  • Although I have liked many of them, the best leader I have ever met is Dr Rimple Sharma.
  • She is my next-door neighbour.

What does he/she do?

  • She works as a dietitian.
  • Due to her habit of going beyond the conventional domain, she has earned plaudits.

How this person behaves? and Why do you think he is a good leader?

  • She is the kind of person who remains charged throughout the day.
  • Before her arrival, our neighbourhood used to be full of obese people.
  • Being a dietitian, she has singlehandedly taken the responsibility of improving the fitness of people staying in our vicinity.
  • She started offering free yoga classes and nutrition lessons, but initially, people were apprehensive regarding her techniques for weight-loss.
  • Many people tried to demotivate her, but being a true leader, she persisted with determination, dedication and discipline.
  • After three months, those people who had joined her classes experienced significant weight loss.
  • This development encouraged others too to join her classes.
  • Due to her postitive and optimistic attitude,her organisation is 100 heads strong.
  • Most of the people working in hert team are volunteers with a large percentage of those who have managed to lose weight under her leadership.
  • They are spreading the awareness created by her to motivate others to have a fit and disease-free life.
  • All her team members adore her.
  • Due to her pacesetting style of leadership she has encouraged thousands of people to work as a volunteer for her organisation that works for a noble cause.